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Fay Butler Fab/Metal Shaping is a family owned business since 1977, run by Fay and his wife Phyllis. Dedicated to creating and education on the subject of compound curve sheet metal parts, serving the aircraft, automobile, architectural and art industries from early development concept to reproduction of production pieces. Fay’s “hands on, scientific and practical” metal shaping seminar, started in 1989, is outlined along with a past seminar participants picture file. Some of Phyllis’s great seminar food can be viewed in the Cooking with Phyllis section. Fay uses and teaches the operation and use of virtually all the possible current metal shaping equipment. This site sells some of these items and advises on others both tools and equipment. Below are some of the tools and machines Fay uses, teaches and describes on this site.

Hand tools such as Lancaster shrinker, stretcher (CB Tool Co.), Pexto bead rollers, body hammer and dolly, sand bag work, etc. Pullmax machine (he has a P13 and P6 now for 35 years, other similar brands are Trumph, Lennox, Nibbler, Nolan) for bead, joggle, louver, turned edges and thumbnail shrinking operations. Air planishing hammers that include Milwaukee, Chicago Pneumatic, Watervliet, Rams head, Cornwell and others. Fay’s good friend John Glover presented Fay with his very first successful fabricated English Wheeling Machine, the “red” one John used professionally until he retired. It is the actual one used in all the famous John Glover Videos. Fay has several Power Hammers running. One of the first Cal Davis, Metalcraft Tools kit hammers that he helped advise on during development. Several large original Yoder Power Hammers (both the LK-90-M and the K-90-M models) on cast pedestals, along with Pettingell model # 2M Motorized Power Hammer.  These exact power hammers are seen in the Discovery Channel movie with Jesse James, Motorcycle Mania 3, where he’s making the copper riveted gas tank. These hammers are used for making high crown, low crown and reverse curve parts with radius stretching dies, linear stretching dies and thumbnail tucking style shrink dies.

We regularly use TCE ERCO 1447 Kick shrinker stretchers and the ERCO HD Former machine. Marchant shrinker stretcher machines, model 6FG, 6A and 4A models are used. Eckold machines are discussed. Fay has two Magee wire edging machines, a model 10 and model 7 once owned by Red Tweit of Red’s Metal Shaping, an expert metal shaper from the now closed California Metal Shaping Company.  Welding includes oxygen acetylene gas welding along with TIG welding using Aerowave and Dynasty 350 power supply units all with Nanochem® WeldAssure Argon gas purification systems installed. Several sets of Automobile Body Sweeps are also being used.

So go into the site, wander around, and see what you can find and learn. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact Fay

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