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Thumbnail Dies for Pullmax-style Machines

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Pullmax-style thumbnail dies2 pc. set - $500.00
3 pc. set - $750.00

You must call us to place an order. Be prepared to specify post size. Available in 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1"

Available in US only

Pullmax Style Machine Shrink die information

Die adjustment: You set the dies so they do not bottom out with the material between them.  There should be a small amount of clearance (.015 approximate) so there is a place for the metal to go as it shrinks. If the dies are tight, it will still shrink but the material that is being gathered up will be drawn off the edge of the sheet.  You can tell if you have a little clearance, as when you shrink, the tuck is not quiet fully set out.  If it’s too tight, the machine will "rumble" as it will be bottoming out, not safe, and will potentially break the machine mechanism. In an extreme case of too much clearance, the machine will not even form the tuck up.

Speed:  I like a machine speed of around 1,000 stokes per minute (or RPM). I run machines with two speeds at the slower speed. If you have a single speed machine the variable is the rate at which you pass the sheet through the machine.  It should be at a speed that gives you a good finish with overlapping marks from the shrink dies.

Depth: What I try to do is keep my shrinks 3 to 4 inch maximum; it's best. These of course will need to be stepped. The inner area does not need as much shrinking as the outer area. Deeper shrinking can be accomplished; it just takes longer and in some cases it might be better to break up the panel into smaller pieces.

Panel Form: The sheet will need a form that is curved from side to side so there is a place for the metal to go during the shrinking. This is the most important aspect to shrinking. If the sheet is not constantly folded up, then passes into the machine will only give a minimum amount of possible shrink, and in some cases will not shrink at all.


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