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Welding Purification

This system can be elaborately plumbed into your shielding gas (as pictured on the next page, that I have done with the ability to back gas welds using two lines) or it can be very simply added between your pressure regulator on the tank and the gas solenoid valve on the welder.  I can help and advise on this installation.

Nanochem® WeldAssure™

The Nanochem® WeldAssure™ purifier provides purge and shield gas purification for welding. Weld gas impurities, such as moisture and oxygen present in gas cylinders, decrease weld quality. Nanochem WeldAssure chemically removes contaminates in inert gasses down to 10-50ppb to improve weld quality, and also eliminates cracking and porosity in aluminum.

This product has been used in the high-tech and aerospace industries since the mid-1980s, and is now offered to the general public for the first time. Now WeldAssure has been designed and priced so everyone can afford it, and therefore benefit from what was previously only available to a very few.

Coupled with the normal mechanical cleaning of your part and filler rods, aluminum weld cracking and porosity can be completely eliminated. This is a "must" for the professional.

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  • 150 mL aluminum canister (WA-150): $2,082.
    • good for approx. 30 cylinders of gas
  • 500 mL aluminum canister (WA-500): $3,999.
    • good for approx. 100 cylinders of gas

Contact Fay for more information and to arrange for purchase.

Click on the images below to see full-sized basic welding gas flow charts.

Basic welding gas flow chart

Basic welding gas flow chart

Basic welding gas flow chart

Best welding gas flow chart

Best welding gas flow chart

Best welding gas flow chart

Best (with back gas)
welding gas flow chart

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