Fay Butler Fab/Metal Shaping

Seminars:  Day 2


Hands-on time for projects (majority of the day)

Review of principles covered the first day

  • Aluminum number system – AA/ASTM – history – temper designation – cast, wrought products – heat treating, precipitation and age hardening  
  • Detailing – concept of change of thickness, shaping vs. folding component
  • Turning 90 degree flanges – inside and outside radius flanges
  • Making offsets/joggles
  • Beading – principle of change of thickness vs. folding component
    • Edge to edge beading
    • Contained beading
    • Around compound/radius shapes
  • Demonstrate welding 2 flat sheets together, straighten to flat with hand tools
  • Demonstrate welding 2 flat sheets, miss cut together, straighten with hand tools, hot shrinking/cold shrinking/stretching back to flat
  • Elements of design, use of automotive sweeps, true radius templates, understanding and developing highlight lines – buck making, patterning, surface developments – getting started
  • Optional: Go over proper use of leaf brake, how to set up and adjust
  • Air bending low sweeps

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