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Metallurgy: Fifth Edition
by B.J. Moniz
American Technical Publishers, Inc.

Content includes Metallurgy, Physical Properties and Temperature Measurement, Mechanical Testing, Structure of Metals, Metallography, Phase Diagrams, Effects of Plastic Deformation and Heat, Materials Standards, and more. Includes glossary and valuable reference material.

It's an easy book to read with lots of pictures/illustrations. Well suited for the amateur. There are brief chapters on each metal group. For quick reference each chapter begins with a brief overview of the contents of that chapter.

* Includes CD-ROM

This book is suggested for reading prior to attending one of Fay's intensive 3-day seminars.

Click here for a summary of what is most pertinent to read. (pdf file)

Hardcover, 587 pages + CD-ROM, $120.00
plus $15.00 S & H in the U.S only

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