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Carbon and Alloy Steels: An ASM Specialty Handbook
Edited by J.R. Davis
Published by ASM (American Society for Materials), 1991
731 pages

When we talk about steel and look for help in selecting the best grade for a particular application this book can be thought of as a “comprehensive single source, database.”

The book is separated into four sections:

  • Processing characteristics
  • Service characteristics
  • Corrosive behavior
  • Material requirements for specific applications
The book starts out with a good introduction to the making of steel, its standard numbering system, formability, machinablity, and weldability.

If you are wondering why steels corrode there is a great section dealing with corrosion along with how to stop it.

The section on material (4th topic) has two chapters on steels for automotive and aircraft applications, these are not long chapters about ten pages each, and they are well worth reading.

The index has comprehensive alloy lists for looking up specific AISI (American Iron & Steel Institute) numbers that indicate chemical composition, and ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) numbers that indicate mechanical properties. This can help in determining specific qualities of that alloy such as weldability, application, heat-treating processes, machinability, formability and corrosion.

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