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Welding Metallurgy, Vol. 1 - Fundamentals
Written by George E. Linnert
American Welding Society

The "Bible" of welding carbon and alloyed steel. This book offers a comprehensive view of metals from the inside, keyed to how that knowledge directly translates to welding. This is an advanced book and a "must have" for serious welders.

The atomic theory is discussed, what happens when metals go from liquid to solid, the arrangement into crystals, etc. (just as I do at the beginning of my seminar, except in more depth).

The first 450 pages is an in-depth representation of what I cover on the first morning of my seminar.

Types of steel and their manufacturing process are explained in Chapter 5. Chapter 6 discusses different welding processes. The remaining chapters discuss in depth what happens during welding such as: Temperature differences, heating cooling rates, dealing with contaminates, transformation of metal in heat affected zones, etc.

This book is often used as a welding course textbook. It is sometimes difficult to read, requiring concentration. When I first started going deeper into “welding theory” my welding mentor, John Richards, who was head of the experimental welding division at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft for 30 years, handed me an earlier edition of this book and said, “Read this.” That, to me, was the highest of recommendations.

Softcover, 940 pages $152.00
plus $15.00 S & H in the U.S. only

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Welding Metallurgy

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