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Welding Aluminum:
Theory and Practice, 5th Edition
The Aluminum Association, Inc.

75 tables; 110 figures; fully indexed

This is the newest edition; supersedes all prior issues.

The "Bible" of welding aluminum. The Aluminum Association has set up the standardized numbering system that is used today. The book deals with the understanding of this number system. There are numerous charts that list all current alloys in both cast and wrought (rolled) products with descriptions of use, weldabillity, mechanical properties, etc. Welder filler metals are discussed with applications charts. Weld preparation is discussed along with MIG & TIG techniques, joint designs and preparation, and what sound welding should look like. Oxy gas welding is covered. In general, all welding and brazing methods of joining aluminum are discussed with pertinent charts throughout.

Chapter 3 has a clear explanation of the different alloy groupings, breaking down each alloy with appropriate charts. This is a great beginning chapter for basic understanding. It is interesting how important a difference there is between the heat treatable and non-heat treatable alloys and how they are affected by heat input during welding. This understanding is beneficial and also is covered in this book.

The flow of information is easy to read and informative without being overly technical. Great resource for joining aluminum.

Hardcover, $295.00
plus $15.00 S & H in the U.S./$35. international

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Welding Aluminum: Theory and Practice

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