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The Practical Sheet Metal WorkerThe Practical Sheet Metal Worker
By John Glover (2006)
81 pages; fully illustrated
Limited Edition, signed by the author

Excerpt from the Preface:

. . . you will find references to small tool making in these pages, and as they are made to suit personal preferences, there will be pride of ownership. Having the means and knowledge to acquire the exact tool necessary to progress a job will result in better and faster results. Some of the sheet metal fabrication methods shown reflect on the lack of sophisticacted tools available to me during my initiail learning period, and the ways and means that this shortcoming was overcome. In other words, when a task was completed, it could be said that it was truly hand made. Employing the methods shown, and fabricating your own personal tools will be useful for workshops operating on a limited budget. If in a workshop that conatins up to date modern tooling, a back up system to fall back on will exist, with the opportunity to compare with current methods in use, and to choose the best course of action to suit the situation.

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