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Heat-Resistant Materials: An ASM Specialty Handbook
Edited by J.R. Davis, Davis & Associates
Published by ASM (American Society for Materials),
Second Printing, 1999
591 pages, hard-bound, with pictures, grafts, illustrations and charts on almost every page

In 1940 the first super alloys were developed for the new needs in high heat areas. This book covers that subject in a very detailed way. Examples of heat resistance materials covered would be the stainless steel alloys that might be chosen to be use in automobile and aircraft headers and exhaust systems. This book is very specific and would be a good addition to others in the series of the ASM Specialty Handbook series, although probably one of the last in the group to purchase, due to its very narrow specific area of use.

Hardcover, 591 pages $299.00
plus $15.00 S & H in the U.S. only

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Heat-Resistant Materials



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