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Users Guide to Filler Metals
Published by AWS (American Welders Society)
114 pages

This book is a collection of information selected from the 30 technical standards written by the AWS Committee on Filler Metal.

It is intended to be one source reference discussing filler metals and their respective usage. Discussion for understanding classifications, welding procedures and safety considerations are covered.

I found the way this book is layed out somewhat confusing at first, but this should not intimidate the user. The table of contents lists the different welding rod categories that can quickly get you to the section of the book you need. If you know the AWS rod numbers, you can find what you are looking for in the index in the back of the book.

NOTE: Although this book is now out of print, we do have several new copies available.

114 pages, $150.00
plus $15.00 S & H in the U.S only


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