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Brazing Handbook, 5th Ed.
The American Welding Society

This may be considered the “Bible” of brazing. This is one of the most comprehensive books on brazing, including 20 different material groups, for both manufacturing and repairing.

This book deals with brazing filler material, how to deal with oxides and surface contamination using fluxes and controlled atmospheres.

It mentions health and safety in the brazing process. Surface preparation and different methods of heat input are also mentioned.

Each chapter deals in-depth with advantages and disadvantages of each process, along with good descriptions of the materials, both base materials and filler materials, and fluxes. It can, at times, be more informative than you need, but not more than you can use. Even the novice can understand the treatment of the practical applications, joint preparation and cleaning operations.

This book should only be purchased to complement your other resource books, since brazing has limited repair application.

Softcover, 700 pages $144.00
plus $15.00 S & H in the U.S. only

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Brazing Handbook

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