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Fay Butler/Jeff Ryder, Petaluma, CA
Metal Shaping Seminar April 1-3, 2017

World-renowned metal shaper/educator Fay Butler is teaming up with Jeff Ryder, at his 5000 square foot shop at 133 Copeland Street, Petaluma, CA. Offered is a one-day lecture and demonstration by Fay Butler, with an optional hands’ on day for a limited number (Must complete first day for eligibility for second day hands on). Assisting Fay during the two days will be a group of professional metal shapers, past associates of the Fay Butler school. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the art and science of metal shaping, here’s your chance. Click here for details and registration information. If you want to check out last year's seminar with Jeff Ryder, click here.

Mark Scranton, Hoosier Hills Career Center, Monroe County Community HS, Bloomington, IN. I stopped and spoke to the welding/fabrication group for 1.5 hrs. I met the principle and suggested to move into inverter power source welding machines, and powered methods of shaping sheet metal. I spoke about the need for teaching science starting with material metallurgy. February 2015
Penn State College of Technology, Williamsport, PA. We were the guests of Dean Colin Williamson and Assistant Dean Bret Reasner, instructor Roy Klinger, to advise on their restoration program ideas. Had lunch with Dean, Assistant Dean and Instructor, toured the campus, and put a talk on to the restoration class.  Set up and ran their power hammer, while assisting their students to do the same. The college put us up for the night in their Victorian Guest House on campus and Roy took us out for dinner that evening and breakfast the next morning. The school was very respectful and professional and Roy is serious and responsible in wanting to develop a professional program. November 2014
Formtek (Yoder is a division), Warrensville Heights, OH. I spent two days at the old Yoder Company, outside Cleveland, OH helping them set up a new Yoder Power Hammer they were building for a client. It had been many years since they built a new hammer, and no employee in the shop could remember that time. I made many adjustments based on all the hammers I have run and rebuilt over the years. I brought a set of my dies to test the machine for stretching and to shrinking. In the end the machine felt like a brand new Yoder. November 2014.
Stopped and visited Line Bruntse, Sculpture Professor, Art Department, Millersville University, Millersville, PA. Line took my seminar in the past. November 2014
I was invited to be the guest speaker at the 77th Annual New England Association of Technology Teachers Conference held at Johnson & Wales, Providence, RI. I presented a power point presentation. November 2014 
Gathering of the Faithful, hot rod event demonstration with Norm Ayers' assistance 14th Annual New England Speed Meeting 2013

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