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Aluminum Properties and Physical Metallurgy
Published by ASM (American Society for Metals)
425 pages; large number of charts, diagrams and photos

As the title states, this book deals exclusively with aluminum in respect to its properties, strengths and physical metallurgy. Physical metallurgy can be described as melting points, how aluminum solidifies, how different alloying elements change their properties, how hardening, annealing (recovering and recrystallization), grain growth and the affects of heat treating/hardening.

A chapter is devoted to understanding the corrosion of aluminum, how welding and different welding rods, and different atmospheres and environments factors effect corrosion.

This book is loaded with charts and graphs that are often specific and hard to understand, for the novice. It has many photos of magnified aluminum and tends to deal with specific aluminum alloys and not general information, although all aspects are covered.

I personally found Chapter 4 on “work hardening, recovery, recrystallization, and grain growth” hard to read at times. However, it was extremely informative for us that are shaping and working aluminum. Its about thirty pages long and has lots of graphs and photos, and if you could get through it, would be beneficial in understanding “work hardening” in aluminum, that is so common.

The short twenty page Chapter 1 titled “Properties of Pure Aluminum” has an excellent two paragraphs titled “Oxidation of Aluminum” and “Gases and Aluminum” that should be read.

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Aluminum Properties and Physical Metallurgy

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