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Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
Published by ASM (American Society for Materials)
785 pages; large number of charts, figures and photos

In the information driven age the amount of “data” that we have on subjects is vast. When we talk about aluminum, the amount of data is also vast, this book can be thought of as properties, processes, testing and characterization of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

This book starts with an “Introduction to Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys”; the first 50 pages cover information about the numbering system, physical properties, metallurgy and properties of alloying elements. This section although hard to read, is an excellent in depth reference for those who want to go deeper into the understanding the material.

Intended as an in depth, comprehensive data book, its general use would be for looking up specific aluminum alloys, when you have their respective number, and determining specific qualities, of that alloy, such as weldabillity, application, heat treating processes, machinability, formability.

I would suspect that one use might be if you had some aluminum cast pieces that required modification such as machining or welding, or you performed these tasks and ran into severe problems, I would try to get an engineer that could give you the alloy number. If not available you could try to deduce the number by looking up in the “Selection and Application” section, under the charts of common uses. The go directly to that alloy (the back of the book has a comprehensive alloy index) and get the comprehensive answer about appropriate welding rods, weldability, etc.

Although this would take some skill in reading through the technical “languages” it is better than shooting in the dark with no way of retracing your steps.

Hardcover, 785 pages $299.00
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Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

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